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A Real Mom, Who's Real Tired

Anyone else a mom who's just real tired!? All the time!? I know I'm not alone, so I wanted to start a community to help each other through the good, the bad and juggling all the things!

And if you've found yourself on a fertility journey you never expected to take... you're not alone. I hated feeling isolated during that time in my life, so I also want this to be a community that supports each other in the midst of that moment in your time.

My path to becoming a mom wasn't easy. It included a myomectomy (a surgery to remove fibroids that's essentially a c-section) and a microprolactinoma (a non-cancerous tumor in my pituitary gland).  

In February, 2017, I finally got pregnant! Then spent the next 3 months on the couch with morning sickness that lasted all day. My daughter, Baker, was born via planned c-section two weeks early and ended up spending 5 days in the NICU. But she's strong and healthy and the love of our lives.

I always wanted to be a mama, but I also have a career I'm very proud of. Having been raised by a single mom, a single grandmother and single aunt, I was surrounded by strong women who taught me to be self-sufficient. All that said, I'm now very thankful to have such a supportive husband who has been so patient through the years as I explore new career opportunities and currently work to find myself again as a working mom.

A little about my career: It started in 2005, as a news anchor and reporter in Wichita Falls, TX and then Waco, TX (I have to add *before* Fixer Upper) and then I moved back home to Austin to start a video content production company with my mentor, Whitney Casey. I got back into TV to do the morning traffic at the CBS station in Austin. I got out of TV to work at a tech company, then they closed to Austin office when I was 7 weeks pregnant! I've been doing contract work creating video content, running social media and other marketing initiatives. Most recently I spent three months at KXAN filling in on morning Austin traffic duty while the full time anchor was on maternity leave. Now, I work as an on camera spokesperson and continue working on video content strategy with my clients.

You might have noticed some pictures on my website of BEVO.... here's why.... My husband, Ricky, is in charge of BEVO XV, the mascot for the University of Texas in Austin. He handles all things logistics, fundraising, marketing and scheduling. Most people don't know that BEVO is privately owned and the University doesn't actually give any money toward BEVO - so someone's gotta bring in the funds! The owners of BEVO, Mr & Mrs Baker, are actually who we named our daughter after. So yes, we're very close to the BEVO program!

If you're still reading... wow... that was long. But thanks for hanging in there! I look forward to sharing stories of work, balance, frustration and inspiration to hopefully make life a little easier. 

As an Austin mom blogger, I hope I help you find baby products and experiences that give you more time with happy babies. On my Real Mom, Real Tired lifestyle blog, I share my baby product reviews and recommendations, and let you know what I consider your must have items for your baby registry. And if you're shopping for baby stuff for a new mom, I hope you're find my blog helpful!

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