Baby Product Reviews, Recommendations & New Parent Must Haves

Pool Time Tips on Fox Austin

Real Mom, Real Tired mom blogger, Erica Brennes on Fox News Austin talking with Tania Ortega about taking your baby to the pool. 

Erica breaks down some simple safety tips and products that make pool time with baby more enjoyable.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Must Have Baby Items

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is upon us once again and it is a great time to stock up on high quality baby gear at a great price.

When I was pregnant in the Summer of 2017, I bought my Nuna car seat & stroller during the sale and it remains one of our most used items. 

Watch this video for the other items that make my must-have list of baby items from Nordstrom!

My Favorite Baby Carrier

It was an impromptu trip to Buy Buy Baby that led me to the best baby carrier! The Mia Mily Hip Seat Baby Carrier was truly a game changer.

To this day, I don't leave without it. The Mia Mily has even helped relieve my postpartum arm pain from carrying my baby. 

Follow this link to purchase: and use the code ERICAB20 for a discount!

Tummy Time Tips

Tummy Time can be such a confusing and frustrating for new parents because most babies don't like tummy time! 

We found a few things that helped make tummy time more enjoyable and I share the one product that was a game changer, a product we still use today, in this video.

My Six Favorite Newborn Baby Products

These six products made life as a newborn mama so much easier. Something as simple as trying a different pacifier was the difference between a restless or calm baby.

These newborn baby items should definitely be on your registry. Or if you're looking for something to buy your expecting mom friend, you can't go wrong with the items featured in this video.